The Edie Irons' Studio offers to clientele with fine homes and residential estates, penthouses, boutique hotels, and other upscale commercial projects.

Edie is a nationally known muralist and a seasoned professional with almost thirty years experience. Specializing in Fine Art Murals, Architectural Painted Decor and Decorative Painting, she has executed hundreds of custom commissioned works.

Past clientele include:
Rock stars
Sports figures
Business notables

Some cities in which Edie has had past commissions:
Beverly Hills
Bel Air
Laguna Beach
West Hollywood
Las Vegas
Baton Rouge
Ft. Smith

Some past residential projects include:
14,000 square feet Tuscan Italian Villa
27,000 square feet Country French Estate

Some past commercial projects include:
The Phyllis Morris Showroom in Beverly Hills
Mezzaluna Restaurant in Beverly Hills
Lucky Lucy's Casino in Las Vegas

Edie can be commissioned directly, using the contact information provided on this website.

The following galleries and businesses in Las Vegas also represent Edie:
The Gallery At Summerlin
The Lynn Peri Collection
Custom Connections
Gallery Las Vegas


Each project is individually designed for the needs of the client and is proportioned to the space, interior design, and enhances the architecture.

All work is custom commission, and one of a kind.

Edie ordinarily works alone and is adept at handling large areas of square footage rapidly.

Work can be designed in the studio to expedite the time spent on site.

All work is hand-painted, in much the same manner as it was authentically executed between the 15th and 18th centuries.

True Fresco is available from this studio. Additionally, Edie is skilled in painting techniques that appear to be True Fresco. The work has a translucent quality, softly aged, therefore the colors are easy to live with.

The best time to commission Edie is in the planning stages of your project. She is used to working off plans, and able to envision the final impact of the painting. Outlining the scope of the project will provide the necessary information to price the areas being painted, without the necessity to decide on specific colors and designs.

This procedure ensures achieving the desired effect of authenticity and professionalism between the art and architecture. Once the project has commitment, it can be scheduled on Edie's work calendar to assure the painting takes place in proper sequence to installation of other construction materials.

Edie works on scaffolds, and there are base paint specifications as well.

Commonly, construction completion is a year or more out, and it is also common for large projects to be booked on Edie's calendar a year or more in advance. During this time, many elements of the paintings can be designed in the studio, to speed up the execution of the painting on site.