The relationship of interior architecture to murals and decorative painting, on ceilings and walls, is the entire significance of this artist's private library collection.

The emphasis is placed upon combining the appropriate designs and color palettes of the decorative painting and/or murals, for the purpose of enhancing the interior architectural lines of the structure.

This is accomplished, for example, by "pronouncing" the configuration of ceilings, thus drawing the eye to the structure, and also to chandeliers. Doorways can be accentuated. Beams, corbels and moldings can be enhanced when surrounded by decorative painting.

Additional architectural interest can be created in areas where none exists, such as long hallways or soaring heights.

The impact of this art, correctly executed, is the unified flow of form, line and color, between the structure and interior decor. This creates a further sense of order and therefore tranquility.

The concept of integrating the art with the structure, each enhancing the other, is a classic idea of handling space. Therefore the design process is entirely different than other types of mural work.

This is truly a marriage between art and architecture.

Although authentic period painted decor is available from The Edie Irons' Studio, perhaps equally important to describe, is the adaptation of these "period techniques" to new structures, and interior decor needs.

The techniques of leaving the faint impression of the former grandeur of the Renaissance, has become synonymous with Edie's work, giving subtle elegance to the decor.