For those clients who brought me into the mix before their house plans were finalized, it was a huge construction cost-savings to them and resulted in the most professional impact to their project. Too many decisions to even list here are made at that time involving factors pertaining to areas possibly receiving artwork. Please feel free to contact me for more information about this very important stage.

Although the artist comes on the job site after painters have base-coated, by necessity at times the large and high scaffold areas are worked into the construction sequence, before other materials are installed.

General projects steps and pricing

Step One: The initial portfolio presentation includes viewing the house plans or job site. The exchange of ideas allows proposed treatments along with pricing. There is no charge for this presentation, unless long-distance travel fees would apply.

Step Two: The proposed areas are drawn up with priced design options. The artist does recover design fees for this drawing time. This fee is ordinarily removed from a resulting contract, with specifics explained before charges are incurred.

Step Three: Contracts include all costs and work descriptions, except scaffold costs. There is no sales tax. The prices quoted are based upon past experience of height, dimensions and subject matter. Additionally, substantial discounts are given in ratio to multiple areas and overall cost of the contract.


Portion of Contract Proposal drawings by Edie

Examples of Job Site Scaffolding

Rotunda scaffold height 38 feet
Scaffold over stairs
Scaffold over tub
Scaffold at Top of Rotunda


Offered Painting Techniques

All painting techniques used on jobsites by The Edie Irons Studio are water-based, lightfast and most ecologically friendly ingredients. Oil paintings are done on canvases.

Buon Fresco painting - Italian, translation - “True Fresh”

It is said a fresco gives off its own light and is therefore considered the pinnacle of the painterly arts. The pure pigments are ground into a fine powder then mixed with distilled water and laid into a layer of wet aged lime. As the pigments and wet lime dry together, they form colored crystals on the surface.

“Fresco-Like” Painting Technique

This technique closely resembles True Fresco, as it also has translucent qualities allowing light to come through the pigments. With far less cost and rapid completion time, it is the usual choice.

Metallic Finishes on Walls or Ceilings

Unusual artistic finishes are available, with addition of textures and patinas also possible.

Wall Finishes

Slight variations in color tones on walls and ceilings resemble “aged plaster”, adding rich neutral backdrops to rooms.

Accent Walls in Hand-carved Plaster

This hand carving technique produces a sculpture-like effect of simply “white and shadow”. Alternatively, it is done as an inset into a wall.

Custom Large-Scale Wall Hangings and Custom Canvases:

Priced up front according to subject matter and size specifications.

Completed Canvases for Sale

Please enquire. At this time approximately 20 finished canvases exist. These are of varied subject matter in mediums of oil, metallic, gouache, acrylic and fresco.
Size range: 16 x 20 inches up to 3 x 5 feet.

In 1989 Edie purchased a comprehensive mural resource library from a rare books store. This library formerly belonged to The Anthony Heinsbergen Decorating Company in Los Angeles. Today, museums hold his small works while efforts continue to salvage and restore grand-scale works in themed theaters, hotels and residences. The collection contains thousands of pages of rare European fresco drawings, photos showing the original furnishings and décor of hotels, clubs and temples, fashion and many great Art Deco examples. Included is an entire collection of colored renderings by architectural firms such as John Eberson and Boller Bros. depicting the “Atmospheric” Theaters adorned by Heinsbergen’s murals and architectural painting.

'These materials combined with Edie’s forty-year collection provide a massive resource of unusual materials.

Heinsbergen Decorating Company in Los Angeles

Anthony Heinsbergen

portion Hensbergen ceiling private residence



The Heinsbergen Collection of Mural Resource Materials



Heinsbergen Decorating Company original brochure circa 1930

click for enlarged view

click for enlarged view