Project 7 The Private Residence Library

The twenty-eight-foot-high cathedral ceiling is composed of two related works concerning the love affair between Rinaldo and Armida. Each vault dimension is 12 X 14 feet.

The pair of related allegories by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo were faithfully reproduced in the library of a private residence. They are surrounded by Edie’s figures on the painted architectural frames serving to extend the impact beyond and into the room with Tiepolo’s baroque style.

Tiepolo’s work has the trace of “sprezzatura”; defined as carefully modeled figures positioned into lively groups with an overall sense of effortlessness and nonchalance important to the courtiers of the 1700’s.

Left Vault: “The Realm of Flora” depicts Armida in her chariot as enchantress of figures frolicking in Flora’s garden. On her right is Roman Goddess Flora dancing in her Hibiscus vermillion red skirt. At lower left Rinaldo’s companions Carlo and Ubaldo spy on the scene, while cherubs play upon the painted frame and peer into the room at the viewer.

Right Vault: “Rinaldo Enchanted by Armida” '

Armida shown in her chariot, is sent by her uncle to weaken Rinaldo thus depriving the Christian forces of their heroic general during struggle against Saracens. Although Armida’s wicked intent is the seduction of Rinaldo, her uncle’s pagan plan fails as she catches first sight of the sleeping general, falling instantly and madly in love with him. Lower right his red cape drapes over the edge of the frame, while at upper left a cherub launches himself downward from the ceiling’s ridge beam.

Photos 13 and 14 show the lower left corner in progress, with same portion as competed.

The paintings were executed in oils circa 1995-96.

Upon the passing of the original clients, new owners requested Edie’s return in 2005 and the original naked figures were clothed at that time.

Photos 15 and 16 show figures of Armida, Flora and a cherub as originally painted, adhering to the strict replication of Tiepolo’s composition.