Project 9 Works For Sale

These works range in size from 8 X 10 inches to 5 feet.
The mediums include textured, metallics, True Fresco, oil, acrylics and gouache.
Each work is captioned with its size and the medium used.
For further details please enquire.
About photographing metallics: Metallics are best seen directly to view their accurate qualities.

1. Fresco Sistine Chapel Ignudo One 16x20 in.
2. Fresco Sistine Chapel Ignudo Two 16x20 in.
3. Fresco Sistine Chapel Ignudo Three 16x20 in.
4. Fresco Pompeii Library Fresco 3x4 ft.
5. Fresco Pompeii Library
6. Textured Metallic on Canvas 3x4 ft.
7. Textured Metallic on Canvas 3x5 ft.
8. Textured Metallic on Canvas 16x20 in. (Pair)
9. Textured Metallic on Canvas 16x20 in. (Pair)
10. Textured Metallic
11. Acrylic on canvas
8x10 in. and 16x20 in.
12. Acrylic on canvas
13. Textured Oil on Canvas 3x4 ft
14. Textured Oil on Canvas
15. Textured Oil on Canvas
16. Oil on Canvas 24x30 in.
17. Oil on Canvas
18. Oil on Canvas 16x20 in.
19. Oil on Canvas
20. Gouache on Paper 18x24 in.
21. Acrylic on Canvas 16x20 in
22. (In Progress) Oil on Canvas 16x20 in.
23. (In Progress) Oil on Canvas 3x4 ft.