“For over 3 decades it has been my passion to create custom art within my clients’ interior architecture. As the two become integral a heightened feeling of wholeness manifests in the interior space. The proper use of grand-scale artworks on walls, ceilings or large canvas-works achieves the impact of focal points, acts as a rich backdrop or provides further architectural structure to a room where no qualities exist. This concept includes innovative uses of metallics and textures, as well as complimenting a variety of other style origins.

My foremost thought is how well the art plays with the architecture’s inherent qualities as they integrate, each impacting the line, form and the strength of the other. This could be described as a rather ‘timeless marriage between art, architecture and décor’”.

My final design elements are those selected by the client’s personal preferences while bearing in mind the overall theme and successful incorporation into the architecture. Our rapport is my favorite part of the process and is certainly a joint effort to that extent.

The size of individual elements and their details lie on a precise spectrum. This proportioning is key to successful execution as it is determined by several factors including the changing distance as the viewer moves towards the painting.

My colors are complex, blended into unique mixtures until each verge upon almost becoming another color. This process adds depth causing chameleon-like qualities that grab various light frequencies. Over the years these characteristics allow much latitude for the art to mingle harmoniously with updated wall paint, furnishings and décor changes.





Jack Lemmon (2 residences) Beverly Hills and Malibu, Ca.
Roger Taylor (Rock Group Queen drummer) Hollywood, Ca.
Paul Haggis (film producer) Beverly Hills, Ca.
Gail Adelson (Merv Adelson of Lorimar Studios) Bel Air, Ca.
Carol McGraw Tulsa, Ok.


Mezzaluna Trattoria Brentwood, Ca.
Luck Lucy’s Casino Las Vegas, Nv.
Raymond Enkeboll Designs Los Angeles, Ca.
Phyllis Morris Showroom Beverly Hills, Ca.
The Genesis Grill Tulsa, Ok.
Tropical Designs Wichita, Ks.


Design Firms

Michael Hamilton Designs Beverly Hills, Ca.
Denise Foley Interior Designs Los Angeles, Ca.
Gail Adelson Designs Bel Air, Ca.
Kathleen Mowry Interiors Tulsa, Ok.
Lynne Knight Jesse Tulsa, Ok.
Charles Faudree Interiors Tulsa, Ok.
Rosanne Davis Designs Horseshoe Bay, Tx.
G.G. Ganache Marble Falls, Tx.

Past Galleries

'The Gallery at Summerlin Las Vegas, Nv.
Gallery Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nv.
The Winged Horse Gallery, Las Vegas, Nv.
Echo, Johnson City, Tx.


In art lessons at age five in The Philbrook Art Museum, Edie was selected for private lessons by Ms. Sophia Lucile Adams, Supervisor of Art in the Tulsa Public Schools for many years. Residing in Los Angeles in 1984, she began painting professionally and landed a Las Vegas Casino as a client in 1989. Upon returning to Los Angeles Edie opened a store named Classic Creations on Melrose Avenue. Around 1990 her work was selected from a show at the L.A. Convention Center by the first Nationally Syndicated Home Show. The hosts, Rob Weller and Cristina Ferrare, were seated for the show in a pair of Edie’s French chairs, and stood to showcase and describe the chairs with their fabric hand-painted in the style of Henri Mattise and faux-tortoise-shell frames. With projects located in many different states, Edie eventually left Los Angeles to move back to the Midwest and now resides near Austin, Texas. Over the years Edie has had television interviews and her work has been mentioned or showcased in many news publications and magazines.

Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Philbrook Grand Foyer
Philbrook Great Hall Ceiling
Philbrook inspired ceiling by Edie 1992


Edie participated in restoration of 2 structures now on the National Register. A third project was The Goldenrod Showboat built in 1909. The first consultation was to the city of St. Charles who owned the boat in 1989, and again to the final private owner in 2004 before the vessel was destroyed by fire.

The Goldenrod Showboat built in 1909
The Flatiron Building in San Rafael, Ca.
-Bay Views Magazine 1980
The McBirney Mansion in Tulsa, Ok.
-Southern Living Magazine 1999


Past lectures to cultural groups, libraries and organizations include subjects such as how murals are designed, techniques on True Fresco, mythology subjects, regional art and their cultures along with their particular techniques and mineral pigments belonging to particular periods.

Edie has taught art courses ranging from beginner drawing through painting in gouache, acrylics, oils and the techniques of True Fresco held to small workshops.

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