Fall 2012: I commissioned Edie in my Grand Prairie, Texas home. The European architecture of the home needed to be transitioned and unified with the décor by using contemporary metallic finishes, abstracts and murals to give the necessary “wow factor”.

Edie’s portfolio presentation of past clients’ commissions was professional, including impressive reference letters and magazine spreads. Her personality also gave me the confidence to commission her art. My expectations were exceeded in every way.

Edie listened carefully, and counseled with me on each space, including colors, concepts, and pricing options. She was an excellent communicator who wanted full understanding.

To have Edie Irons come into someone’s home is truly a blessing from God, as she is like a Michelangelo. The imagination and creativity of a true artist are present in every accomplished area. She unerringly envisioned each design within the space, and created a unique glamour to my home. The work looks as if it belongs there, without artificiality. Whether it is wall or ceiling finishes, or a painting, all her work communicates as “Art”.

In my opinion, Edie has the character assets of an extraordinary person; is the creator of extraordinary art, and her business and work ethics are beyond reproach.

With a fun personality, always polite and easy going, Edie also has the necessary work mind-set, tenacity and discipline to always complete large projects with perfection.

I have been rewarded by being Edie’s client. She has a range of knowledge about art, architecture, décor styles and historic periods that is apparently quite vast. Her thirty years’ experience with top-notch designers and clients shows through in her demeanor, artistic choices, and painting skills. I learned so much about “good” art.

Now my home has an exciting impact, is impressive to visitors, and I love living with what she has created for me. It is in excellent taste, and goes way beyond words to describe……as the effect is glitzy, glamorous, rich, classy and restful, all in one.

I have the highest regard for Edie Irons as an individual and as a true artist. She comes to you with my sterling recommendation and confidence in character, knowledge, and skills.

Warmest Regards,

Ms. Sonya