April 2, 2020

A letter of reference for Edie Irons from Hal and Anita:

My husband and I initially met Edie while living back east and building our Tuscan-style home in Texas.  She came highly recommended by our interior designer and was able to go ahead with the wall finish on the entire main square footage in advance of our move, by emailing us samples for approval.  When we arrived, we found these walls to be exactly as we had wanted.    
In 2015 we brought Edie back to discuss special treatments for both our master and guest powder baths.  An artist myself, I am sensitive to color and pattern, especially on this grand-scale in my home. She presented numerous samples before she ever touched a wall, respecting and taking into account my own personal tastes. 

Our master bath was white with the barrel-vaulted ceiling simply “there”.  In discussions with Edie, she took all into consideration and knew that to paint the vault would cause our plain walls to become “anemic” in comparison.  Being forewarned, we were able to plan accordingly for her to do it all at one time. This vault is now richly bronzed and has a real statement of architectural impact.  The beautiful metallic mixture “seeps” down the corners of the walls to accentuate the arched lines of the vault. I love how she came up with the pale blue patina, it’s so unique, unlike anything I have ever seen.  Before, I was unhappy with the color palette of the tile tub surround and she pulled it all together in a way that makes me absolutely love it now.   

I always wished for a glamorous powder bath for guests.  Edie used a horse painting I wanted to hang on the back wall as the platform to create the rest of the room.   Upon opening the door, the view is of the painting hung on this accent wall done in a dark chocolate metallic bark pattern.  The other walls and ceiling are in a creamy combination of tones ranging from soft bronzes to coppers. I had no idea using just metallics would achieve these effects.  It is beautiful, utterly amazing and my favorite of all the work she has done for us, although I love it all! 
Edie’s years of experience with custom art show up in her creative ideas and how to weave together a client’s personal taste with architectural impact.  She has a warm and bubbly personality and her thoughtfulness to her clients’ wishes and likes makes her exceptionally easy to work with. She has excellent financial business practices, is always punctual and never left a work as finished until she was satisfied it was perfect.

I would absolutely recommend Edie without hesitation.  She is not only an outstanding artist; she has become a dear friend with whom I socialize and communicate with regularly.